Years later, in late 2009, DAEL extended its horizon to a new sector, lighting, thus beginning the manufacture and trading of luminaires and projectors.


The company’s main motivation is to maintain the status of national reference in the manufacture of its products, trying to continuously improve quality in the product and service provided.


As for the market, DAEL soon won a significant importance in the national territory and over the past few years has been strongly focused on its internationalization, having already performed works in many countries around the whole world.


Points of Light

Mainly intended for lighting sports areas or large areas such as leisure parks, commercial areas, among others, the lighting towers can reach heights up to 40m and allow to accommodate a large number of projectors.

DAEL manufactures different models of towers in order to find a better solution for each case.

The ideal solution to gather aesthetics and functionality. These are complete lighting solutions with a strong focus on design to combine lighting and space embellishment. Among our range of speakers and light fixtures of modern and attractive design, the client can idealize numerous combinations.

At the beginning of 2010, DAEL expanded its horizons into a new sector - Lighting. We are national representatives of the brands SITECO ® and we are also dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of our own models of lamps and projectors.

Manufactured with octagonal or circular section, the columns are mainly intended for street lighting. With an extensive range of heights that can exceed 15m, these speakers are prepared for different combinations of arms and adaptations for projectors and luminaires.

In addition to our standard models, we are always available to execute particular projects in order to meet the needs and desires of our customers.



With regard to the target market, DAEL has gained significant importance in Portugal from the outset and, to date, has supplied products for numerous works throughout the country. Of all the existing portfolio stand out with particular importance the motorway networks, soccer stadiums, railway lines, among many others.

As for the international market, over the last few years DAEL has broadened its horizons around the world. Currently there are 13 countries where there are products with our reference, of which stand out in particular Spain and Algeria.

Cape Verde


Dimensioning and design

The design of our columns and towers is executed using sophisticated tools for the design and analysis of mechanical behavior. Its design complies with the specifications imposed by the European standard EN-40 fulfilling the necessary requirements to withstand winds between 160 and 180km / h. As for the protection ratings of our columns and towers, all models guarantee IP43 and IK10.

Mechanical Tests

Destructive tests are regularly carried out on certain specimens of our columns. Through our test stands we check the resistance of the columns as well as the IP and IK indices in order to guarantee the constant quality of our products.

Standards and Certificates

In order to guarantee the quality of our products and compliance with the CE marking, the materials used and the manufacturing processes applied follow the corresponding standards in force:

Raw Material - EN 10025

Welding - MIG-MAG process with addition of material

Galvanization - ISO 1461

Manufacturing Process

DAEL utilizes extensive experience gained over many years, using efficient manufacturing methods and techniques, which, coupled with the ability of experienced operators, translates into the creation of high-quality products.

The requirement imposed is high in regard to the materials used, construction details and finishes, in order to offer customers a product of great confidence in terms of structure and functionality.

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