Sports lighting

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-DAEL Sport Light FL68

DAEL Sport Light FL68

The FL68 projector intended for sports lighting is characterized by its circular shape and the energy efficiency of its LED technology, with high luminous quality.

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-DAEL Flood Lighting FL02

DAEL Flood Lighting FL02

The FL02 floodlight intended for sport lighting is characterized by its rectangular shape and the energy efficiency of the LED technology that it has, with high luminous quality. It is available at RAL 9023 and in three sizes: S, M and L.

It promotes a comfortable and safe environment for sport as well as the surroundings, it can also be used in large enclosures, parking and roads, it has an easy installation and it is produced in aluminum, a material recyclable that allows phased replacement and sustainable.

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Sports projector

Sports projector

Projector with built-in electronic control module, high-performance multifaceted internal reflector, state-of-the-art LED technology, combined with a high-definition reflector and diffuser (HD-R / HD-C), allowing precise LED reflection and directing 100% of lighting for the space to be illuminated, according to DIN EN 12193, as well as excellent visual comfort, ie no glare, internal system for temperature control (thermal management), DB702S finish, longevity of the entire superior system 100,000 hours (L80B10).

Low wind resistance Aw = 0.11 m². Glass diffuser with high mechanical resistance. Overvoltage protection: 10Kv. ESD protection.

Separate modules for optimizing thermal transfer and driver included in the projector body in its own compartment, enabling a 50% reduction in flow and energy consumption. High resistance to structural vibrations. Operating temperature: -30 to + 55 ° C with 7 photometric curves. With LED technology - Superior efficiency 150lm / w 850 230V - 240V, 50Hz, IP66, Class II, IK09 - 5 year warranty

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