dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Cratos Led

Cratos Led

CRATOS LED is a luminaire constructed with elementary and unique shapes. In the points of light where it is inserted, it complements them with a sophisticated and harmonious image.

This lamp consists of two pieces of painted aluminum plate and diffuser in flat glass and sealed by silicone gasket.

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Polaris Led

Polaris Led

The POLARIS LED luminaire has a circular shape, slightly pulled back and with a connection to the aesthetically pleasing fixation tip, fitting into points of light with equally curvilinear strokes.

POLARIS LED is made of painted aluminum body, which consists of cast aluminum ring and top cover in aluminum. It has the diffuser in flat glass and sealed by silicone gasket.                                                                                                                                                 

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Clio Led

Clio Led

CLIO LED has a futuristic image with a relatively small dimension of straight lines and sharp edges.

It consists of two parts in painted aluminum plate and the diffuser in flat glass and sealed by silicone gasket.                                                                                                                                                 

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Calipso Led

Calipso Led

CALIPSO LED consists of the aluminum body and is obtained by casting and its diffuser in flat glass that is sealed by silicone.                                                                        

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