dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Concrete block

Concrete block

Block of concrete where the columns are fixed by anchor bolts (already embedded in the concrete). Its dimensions are adequate for the restraint and safety of the column. There are three models of blocks depending on the height of the column to be set.



Polymeric capsule with dual function:

• Aesthetics

• Protection of anchor bolts

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts

Electrozincated steel bars threaded at one end and embedded in the concrete block. These bolts are responsible for the anchorage of the column.

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Fuse box

Fuse box

Polymer casing where the isolators, fuses and terminal boards are housed. The box is placed in the electrical compartment of the columns, fixed by screws and accessible by the door opening.

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